Dead End Sky on Baptized by Fire Radio!!

LA Unsigned partners Baptized by Fire don’t just bring you live radio of the best in heavy underground music, they broadcast it LIVE on livestream from the station AND make it available to view and listen to afterwards…so we’re giving that gift of awesomeness to you 🙂

Check out Dead End Sky on Baptized by Fire this past Monday and take a peek behind the scenes in studio here!


And make sure to tune into Baptized by Fire EVERY Monday at 8pm – follow them on twitter (@Baptizedbyfirex and @tradiov) and Facebook too

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LA Unsigned partnering with Soundrop!

Excited to announce that we’re partnering with Soundrop to bring you the best in Underground LA rock music!


The LA Unsigned playlist is now available on Soundrop – a great platform that allows you to wander from room to room discovering the best of every genre!

You can enlist your friends to start a room with you too – creating your own scene online, kinda like we are 🙂


Check out the LA Unsigned room on Soundrop and invite your friends to join in too!

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Elegantly Wasted added to the roster!

Combining the best of timeless rock n roll; mixing in Einstein and Edison quotes with the likes of KISS and the Beastie Boys.


Yep – that’s Elegantly Wasted.

Check them out!!!

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LA Unsigned featured on Metal Assault!

Eleanor sat down with Metal Assault to not only discuss LA Unsigned but to talk about future collaborations in hosting cohesive, bad ass nights of hard rock music in LA!


Check out the full article here – and don’t forget to forward to your friends: like, tweet, facebook post, share!

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