Latest from LA local station Baptized by Fire – including LA Unsigned band, Dead End Sky!

LA Unsigned partners Baptized by Fire Radio have their latest full episode up online for you to listen to.

For those of you unfamiliar with Baptized by Fire, it’s DJ Asra and Ray Blanco –  a local LA internet radio station that plays weekly shows with live guests, and the best videos and music by “anything heavy” including everything from rock to EDM; filmed and aired live on

Their latest show, which you can listen to here online, featured guests Rebel Hotel and Banshee Bones – and their upcoming show features LA Unsigned band Dead End Sky!

Make sure you check out the Dead End Sky BBF event page for more information, and mark your calendars for Monday July 21st at 8pm!


As they say at BBF, Keep it Heavy!

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Dead End Sky EP release and show

Dead End Sky are releasing a new EP on July 15th! 

The five track release was recorded at NRG Recording Studio by Josh Newell (Avril Lavigne, Linkin Park, Intronaut), mixed by Brian Virtue (30 Seconds to Mars, Chevelle, Puddle of Mudd, Jane’s Addiction, All That Remains, Shadows Fall) and mastered by Paul Logus (Stone Sour, Anthrax, Volbeat, Hellyeah).

Tomorrow Can’t Wait EP Track listing:

1. Only One Tear Left

2. Tonight

3. Tomorrow Can’t Wait

4. Always

5. When You Fall

DEAD END SKY has unleashed a video of never-before-seen studio footage taken during the recording of the EP, specifically for the track ‘When You Fall’. Watch the video via YouTube here:

Also, make sure to check out the previously released lyric video for the track here:

DEAD END SKY has a show coming up on July 19th at The Viper Room in Hollywood, CA! The show includes performances from Gypsyhawk, Future Villians, and Bravo Delta. Doors open at 8:00PM and DEAD END SKY performs at 8:30PM – tickets are available here, but if you submit your ticket request via the DEAD END SKY  Facebook event page (, or you show the event page via mobile at the door, you’ll get in for FREE! See for more details.

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Colin Reid featured in Music Connection

Colin got a great review by Brooke Trout in the July edition of Music Connection magazine – any review that starts of with “If you mashed together Soundgarden and the Black Crowes, you might get a sound like Colin Reid’s.”

Check out the image for the full review and be sure to check out Colin’s music in the playlist and in the links on his page!

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DIY touring by an 8-time veteran

Zach, the guitarist of progressive metal band, Wings Denied gave us some great insight on how to book a tour as an unsigned band.

And he should know. He’s done it EIGHT times! He was happy to share his experiences and some tips with fellow unsigned artists. Here they are!


Touring as an unsigned band is tough, there’s no question about it. We are entirely responsible for everything, from transportation, to finding and booking the shows, ensuring payment, finding places to sleep, etc. However, it is totally do-able, for just about any band willing to take the plunge.

The first step to booking a tour is essentially sitting down as a group, and figuring out your budget. The main expenses on a tour are gas, and the initial purchase or rental of your transportation. We’re lucky enough in Wings to have the awesome van we bought last summer. I highly recommend buying a van as opposed to renting, if you know your band will be touring regularly. After you know what your transportation is, try to estimate how much money you’d be able to spend on gas, assuming you make zero dollars from the tour. This way, any money you do make can either be used to pay yourselves out, or saved for the incidental expenses, such as van repairs, instrument repairs, etc.

Once you’ve got a budget, the next step is to figure out a route for your tour, and start talking to friends in bands that have toured the area. Who do they know, where can they direct you? The most important aspect of booking a tour is networking. Everyone can be a potential contact. Generally, I recommend not booking shows by talking to venues directly, but instead, finding local promoters and bands in whatever town you’re trying to hit, and seeing if they can put something together for you. Generally, these people are more amicable towards unsigned out-of-town bands, and they’re more willing to ensure that people show up, and that everyone gets paid.

Eventually, the more people you talk to, things start to fall into place. It’s very helpful to keep a spreadsheet, with notes on whom you’ve spoken with, where you have guarantees, where you’re sleeping each night, etc. The whole process takes about 3 months to do correctly.

A few important things to note:

* When initially talking to a contact, make sure everything they need to know is sent in the initial message. This should include the date you want, the name of whoever recommended the contact, any necessary equipment (does your band need a PA?), and you should ALWAYS ask for a guarantee. Start high, and let them negotiate low. Not all places will offer or accept them, but if you’re not asking, you’re missing out.

*Your tour only matters if people know it exists. Accordingly, you ought to pair with as many media outlets which cover your style of music as possible, and try to get them to at least spread the word about the tour, if not completely sponsor it.

*Hotels are expensive, and if you’re staying in them frequently, your wallet will hurt. Any contact can also potentially be a place to stay, and again, it’s always better to ask. We’ve even had nights where we literally asked the crowd during our set if anyone had any space, and gotten offers.

Hope this helps!


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Rooftop Revolutionaries Unplugged!

Rooftop Revolutionaries will play an unplugged benefit show on Friday, July 11th at Play Gallery in DTLA!


It’ll be a benefit show featuring RR, activist comedian Lee Camp, poets and speakers.

Proceeds will go towards sending a couple of activists to an action training camp and to buy sleeping bags for the homeless in Venice as part of Occupy Venice’s initiatives.


For more information, check out the event page

Metal Assault review of King King show!

LA Unsigned partner Metal Assault did a great review of the Socionic and Elixir show at King King this past Thursday – thanks for coming out and partnering with us to build this scene!


Stay tuned for more LA Unsigned and Metal Assault collaborations!

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Rooftop Revolutionaries in Ventura!

On Saturday, June 21st, Rooftop Revolutionaries will be heading up to Ventura to play at the Lab 805 for their 6th anniversary – a full day of street art, activism and music!


It’s a FREE show with a ton of fantastic entertainment so check it out if you can!

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Dead End Sky in Vegas

If you happen to find yourself in Vegas this Thursday, drunk on a bet, or just starting the weekend off early – be sure to catch Dead End Sky in Vegas, opening up for Zach Myers of Shinedown!


Zach will be playing an acoustic set – Dead End Sky will be full electric!


Check the flier for more info.



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LA Unsigned partnering with Soundrop!

Excited to announce that we’re partnering with Soundrop to bring you the best in Underground LA rock music!


The LA Unsigned playlist is now available on Soundrop – a great platform that allows you to wander from room to room discovering the best of every genre!

You can enlist your friends to start a room with you too – creating your own scene online, kinda like we are 🙂


Check out the LA Unsigned room on Soundrop and invite your friends to join in too!

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Elegantly Wasted added to the roster!

Combining the best of timeless rock n roll; mixing in Einstein and Edison quotes with the likes of KISS and the Beastie Boys.


Yep – that’s Elegantly Wasted.

Check them out!!!

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