Undermine are four guys who’s melodic & biting take on modern fragglerock speaks on the duality that exists between despair & hope, defeat & perseverance, loss & growth. All that & more….& also Doctor Who. In the short 12 months since showing up Undermine has made an impact EVERYWHERE they go.
“I consider them one of the best kept secrets of the music scene.” – Rockwell Unscene
“With the energy equal to a tidal wave, they will be taking over the scene in 2014” – Rockwell Unscene
From rawking down the stage with such established acts as; Spineshank, Static-X, The Chimpz, Mureau, Gemini Syndrome to blazing down the River Run in Laughlin, NV these 4 guys put everything they have (and more) into their music & performance.
Even after multiple award nominations (Hollywood Music & Media best rock single 2013 and Los Angeles Music Award best rock song 2013 & best rock album 2013) & after being recognized by the magazine Rockwell Unscene for being one of the top 400 musicians of 2013, one of the ten bands to look out for in 2014 & vocalist Chaz Kay being labeled one of 2013’s top 13 front men, these boys  still are here to have a good time. When asked to define them as a band, the guys had this to say:

“We take our music very seriously but not much else cause if you’re not having fun, then you’re doing something wrong. See you at the show.”

And above all else, LAUGH:
Birthed forth from the desolate lands known only as The Valley of Antelopes. Four young adventurers began a quest to become the rockinest, face meltyest band this side of the Starbucks on Ave P. The journey would be perilous filled with perily peril but Sir Dick the Axe wielding centaur, the Ranger Peechypoo also known as the ladiesbane, Kendo “People’s Choice Sexiest Man alive ’97” and Your friendly neighborhood Chaz would brave these waters known as the local music scene to become more than mere band mates but brothers (cept Richard, he doesn’t count) and with their powers combined they are CAPT…I mean UNDERMINE!!!! & they shall MELT EVERY FACE WHILE SIMULTANEOUSLY MOISTENING SHANTS THE WORLD AROUND!!!!