Socionic is a project conceived of the fundamental need for artistic expression combined with the adeptness and appreciation for musical composition.

Drawing inspiration from bands such as Tool, Nine Inch Nails, Alice in Chains and The Deftones, the music emerges as a calculated release of passion and power blended with the diversity and detail of a crafted symphony. Achieving an elusive form of polar dichotomy, the sound seamlessly flows from brutal to beautiful, landing its genre bending classification somewhere between alternative, metal, and rock.

Reflective of the diversity and contrast of the world in which we live, the art of the project is deep, dark, and sometimes difficult.

You don’t just listen to hard rock band Socionic, you experience its thoroughly cultivated artistry. It’s a transporting creativity born of conceptual lyrics and raw emotionality juxtaposed, with both extremes powerfully represented by a darkly mystical visual presence of still artwork and videos. The sleek aggression of LA-based quartet’s debut EP, Identity, experienced with the project’s stunning visuals make for a gorgeously haunting journey.

The group has garnered favorable comparisons to Tool, Alice In Chains, Porcupine Tree, Nine Inch Nails, and Deftones. Music Connection Magazine says: “Stellar performances, rich production and an ability to craft multi-level, Tool-like tunes that would improve any sci-fi/horror soundtrack.” The Ripple Effect notes: “They’re heavy, slightly dark, and heady with their lyrical content. They have a growing fan base, and I look forward to hearing big things from them in the future.”

The darkly cathartic music on Identity seamlessly flows from brutal to beautiful, landing its genre bending classification somewhere between alternative, metal, progressive, and rock. The ominously catchy “Epiphany” begins with chilling atmospherics and crescendos with a hypnotically soaring chorus. The explosive “Prodigal” melds mesmerizing electronic touches with visceral metal guitars. The song’s imaginative arrangement recalls the captivating song structures of progressive rock. Another standout is the eerily majestic “Stain Serenity.” The slithery mid tempo track evokes a disquieting walls-are-closing-in introspection against breathtaking dynamics, segueing from moody to muscular with crushing dynamic adroitness.

Iconic producer Rhys Fulber (Fear Factory, Frontline Assembly, Megadeth, Mudvayne) produced Identity with input from Socionic singer-songwriter Michael Meinhart. The two collaborated on a multi-dimensional aesthetic that includes the primal aggression of modern metal, the griminess of industrial music, and the glassy textures of electronic music.

The band is currently storyboarding new videos, probing the dark recesses of its collective mind for new music, and gearing up for a string of live dates.