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“As so-called post-hardcore music flits in and out of fashion, it’s the bands whose hearts are truly in it that stay the course. Thoughtful local foursome And We Are Them are knees-raw devotees, embellishing Quicksand’s strangulated guitars and massive dynamic shifts with Thrice’s sense of epic optimism and the more ragged, eccentric edges of Glassjaw and (of course) At the Drive-In. Last year’s EP The Swindle is intelligent, earnest stuff, and even when Chris Matalone’s lyrics are hard to make out among twinkling, tangled guitars and loitering bass, there’s an aura of something terribly important, possibly life-changing, at hand. Yet however rollicking its rhythms, surges, swells and troughs, And We Are Them never abandon imagination-capturing concepts and solid, singable hooks.” — Paul Rogers, LA Weekly